Website Design design custom websites for all types of businesses, from Plumbers to Cafe's, Parts Suppliers to Motor Dealers.
Using exclusively HTML5, JavaScript, PHP & MYSQL. No WordPress here!. All content is hosted on your site so there's a much lower risk of downtime. No template links or third party inclusions. Your site is fast, efficient and 100% yours. Because we build-in the requirements needed by search engines there is no need for ongoing SEO contracts. The site will list natively on Google and other search engines. A copy of the site code is supplied with the site which means, No expensive maintenance contracts and No inflated editing charges. Copywrite on the site is yours.

Event 1
  • Bronze Package

  • 1 month Initial SEO
  • 3-5 Unique Pages
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Secure Contact Form
  • Call to Action (Phone/Email)
  • 12 months Hosting
  • Client to Supply All Content
  • from $2,200 inc GST
Event 2
  • Silver Package

  • All of Bronze Package Plus
  • 5-7 Unique Pages
  • Up-loadable Photo Gallery
  • Enhanced Animation
  • Links to Promotional Videos
  • Upload/Download Links
  • Social Media Links
  • from $3,300 inc GST
Event 3
  • Gold Package

  • All of Silver Package Plus
  • up to 10 Unique Pages
  • Client Login Options
  • PHP & MySql Online Database
  • Client Testimonials
  • Interactive Google Map
  • Equivalent to this site
  • from $4,400 inc GST
Event 4
  • Platinum Package

  • All of Gold Package Plus
  • Online Client Bookings Portal
  • Full eCommerce Site
  • Online Account Payments
  • 3hrs Professional Photography
  • Online Cart with Buying Portal
  • Returning Client Storage
  • from $5,400.00 inc GST

Bookkeeping & Compliance Services

Do you need help getting your books and accounts in order? Help with BAS and IAS compliance?
Are you tired of the overdue fees and penalties? Then you need our Qualified Bookkeeping Service.

We can process all your customer invoices and payments, chase your overdue accounts, even pay your bills and suppliers on time. Manage your cashflow, reconcile your bank statements, and prepare monthly reports.
Submit your BAS and IAS forms. Using our own accounting software or the Xero accounting software, we can help get your office back on track. Long or short terms available. Our qualified bookkeepers are here to help you get back to growing your business. Without getting buried in the paperwork.
Call us today!

Silver Package

  • Wages & Single Touch Payrole Processing 1-5 Staff.
  • Leave & Supa Entitlements.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • BAS, IAS, PAYG-W Compliance.
  • Avg 8hrs per month.

Gold Package

  • All of Silver Package plus
  • Wages, Payrole, Leave, Supa & Timesheet Processing up to 10 Staff.
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable.
  • Remote Access to system.
  • Monthly Cashflow & Budget Reporting.
  • Avg 16hrs per month.

Platinium Package

  • All of Gold Package plus
  • Wages, Payrole, Leave, Supa & Timesheet Processing up to 20 Staff.
  • Appointments & Schedules.
  • Daily Banking & Mail Run.
  • Mobile Phone Reception.
  • Avg 32hrs per month.

*Fees are direct debited monthly from your nominated account. Allocated hours are averaged out over the year. Listed tasks are to be used as a guide only. Actual tasks are arranged to meet the clients individual needs.
All prices include GST and all required Software Subscriptions. There's no more to pay. Because we are a contractor there's, No Wages Tax, No Workers Comp, No Superannuation liability.

Custom Mobile Apps

Mobile apps

We've been programming for over 37 years. And from the start it was always about automating business processes. While the technology has changed over the last 37 years the goals haven't. The latest trend is custom mobile apps.

Why not make your mobile phone - Your Best Tool EVER!

Imagine setting an appointment in your mobile calendar or laptop computer and when you arrive at the client's site the time-clock automatically starts. And when you leave not only does it automatically stop, but it records the actual time on site for billing purposes. The app can automatically generate the worksheet and invoice and simply asks you to confirm the details, before emailing it to the client for payment.
Later when you arrive at your suppliers premise to pick up supplies. The app can automatically activate and prompt you to take a photo of your invoice or docket before it gets lost. It then emails it directly to the bookkeeper to be entered.
Lost or washed dockets are no longer an issue.
Imagine being able to log each component used on the job on to the worksheet directly as you use it. No more missed charge opportunities. No more scrunched up bits of paper to be deciphered by your bookkeeper. no more searching for those lost notes behind the car seat.

These are just a few examples of what a custom mobile app can do for your business. Tradies to Cafe's, small businesses all over Australia are utilising the technology they have in their pocket 24/7.

Why aren't you!

• Scheduling & Appointments
• Stock Lookup
• Client Invoicing
• Vehicle Tracking & Logging

Custom Database Apps

Database Programming

As a Microsoft Certified Professional and a member of the Microsoft Developer Network for over 30 years, I love developing creative database applications. Automation is the key to harnessing your biggest assets.

• Your Knowledge.
• Your Stock
• And your Client History.

After all, when it's time to sell your business. How is it valued? Typically a business value is rated by the amount of internal shared knowledge, the value of the inventory and most of all, the relationship it has with its client base.

A well thought through database design empowers your staff and creates a massive increase in productivity. It improves stock turnover and availability and provides your sales staff with a complete and accessible history of each and every customer. Give your staff the tools they need to make sales, provide quality, accurate information.

Stop trying to patch together numerous 'off-the-shelf' applications that don't really fit. Develop your own custom application. One program that does exactly what you want, the way you want to do it. At our motto is 'Making it fit...Making it yours'. That's what we've done for 37 years.
Let me help you, develop your own application.

With the continual development of the online world. You can now easily access your database applications any time, from any device, in any location on the planet! But is your data stored effectively and efficiently. Or is it spread over numerous different applications.

I recently came accross a new startup company. They had only been trading for a few years. They had an amazing product. They had really skilled and motivated staff. They were young and so energetic it was a pleasure to work with them. However, they used 7 or 8 different off-the-shelf applications to store and process their data. Their system was dramatically holding back their growth. Don't fall in to the trap of adding more and more complexity to your system.

It's a case of, more is not always better!


Database Programming

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